MCAP Website

Welcome to the MCAP (Modularly Configured Attached Processor) Project Website.

This is a site dedicated to provide the necessary information for understanding MCAP processors, their design process, available development tools and some examples about the developed research. We hope this site will be useful for you.

Here is a brief description of what you can find in our site

Overview Definition
Basic information about the MCAP Project. Understand the precise definition of the Modularly Configured Architecture Processor (MCAP).
Design Process Development Tools
Discover the process required to develop a MCAP. Download and learn the use of usefult tools related to the Project.
Publications Contributors
Several documents published as part of the Project. The list of contributors to the Project.
Related sites Contact us
A list of sites related to the MCAP Project. All the information you need to contact the responsibles of this site and the MCAP Project.
Old MCAP Web Site
A collection of Web Pages containing information abput the definition of the MCAP project.

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