EE3376 Related Links



launch_pad_users_guide.pdf - User’s Manual of Development Kit (schematics)

msp430_usersguide.pdf - User’s Manual for chip - describing peripherals

msp430g2553.pdf - Datasheet for the chip - includes pinouts and specifications

_MSP430g2452.pdf - Datasheet for alternative chip that can come with the Launchpad

msp430g2553.h - Header file for chip

MSP430 Quick Reference.pdf -


The masterful cheat sheets of Elías Jaquez

Assembly Review.pdf

Cheat Sheet MKII.pdf

Cheat Sheet MKIII.pdf


Example code from Texas Instruments


Code Composer Studio wiki




C Intrinsic Functions in Code Composer

University Programs

BYU’s CS course on the MSP430  This course and professor have had a profound influence on the UTEP’s EE3376 on the same subject.   Hats off to Paul Roper for a great class.

General and Miscellaneous Links

hackaday Every engineer should know and love hackaday....

Every engineer should know a real (UNIX-based) editor and how to type 50 wpm.   I instantly lose respect for folks who pull up MS wordpad and start typing with two fingers.   So barbaric.  ¡Qué barbaro!  Life is way too short...  

Vim (my favorite 60’s era UNIX editor.  An alternative is emacs.)

Free typing lessons

I should throw in a good scripting language also which I have used in every aspect of chip design and test - PERL.   I have had at least two grad students tell me that they received a job offer from Intel because of a Perl project with me.  Orale.