EE3376 Lab Overview, Fall 2008

The EE3176 lab is located in the Micro Lab, Room 314B of the UTEP Electrical Engineering Department. One lab will be due each week and you will be expected to the bulk of the work outside of the lab on your own computer and development kit.

The lab time will be generally dedicated to a recitation of the lab in the coming week and check out of the lab from the previous week.   The first lab will include a simple quick start tutorial necessary to ensure that all students have their equipment and can run and debug a simple program.

For every lab except the project lab at the end, there will generally be two parts:

  1. 1.A TA recitation in which the lab to be demonstrated in the next week is described for 20-30 minutes.   This attendance of the recitation is required and recorded.

  2. 2.The remainder of the 3 hour lab will be for demonstrating the previous weeks lab to the TA.  You will be expected to demonstrate the lab immediately after the recitation and the order that students will demonstrate will be determined by random draw.

  3. 3.If you need support during the week for completing the lab outside of class, you can contact the lecturer, the lab TA or the professor during the normally posted office hours.

For the project lab, the lab is completed in a three week time frame.  Deadlines exist for each of the weeks for demonstrating intermediate results.

Lab Grading

The grading for each lab will be: 20% demonstration and 80% TA examination. 

Labs must be completed and checked out with the TA on the day your lab is assigned. Late labs are allowed but are strongly discouraged for up to one week. There will be a 30% reduction in your lab grade if you miss your checkout time up to one week late. For labs over one week late, you will receive NO points for that lab. If you know you will not be able to complete a lab due to prior commitments (eg, travel to a conference), please make alternative arrangements with the TA before the lab is due.

UTEP Academic Honesty Policy

Make sure you understand the UTEP academic honesty policy. Students are encouraged to share ideas, but you must do your own homework and you must write your own code in the labs (you may copy code that is on the website, however). If program code is suspected of being duplicated or copied, you will receive an incomplete for the lab, and your case will be referred to the Dean of Students for adjudication. Click on this link for complete details concerning the UTEP Academic Honesty policy.

Disclaimer for the Lab Web Pages

While every effort is made to ensure that the lab web pages are up-to-date and self-consistent, there are occasions where things may be slightly different than presented on a web page. This may be due to small hardware changes or small changes in the programs, or it may be an inevitable part of the topic at hand. For instance, a screenshot may show a certain hex pattern in RAM. Since RAM is uninitialized, the exact hex pattern will vary from chip to chip, so your hex pattern may not be the same as the screenshot.  In such cases, try to use a little judgement as to whether or not small discrepancies are of concern or not. Feel free, however, to call on the TA if you have any questions about the content on the web pages.

Lab Schedule

    * Labs closed and no lab projects assigned Weeks 1

    * Lab 1 - Week 2, Basic Assembly and Code Composer Studio

    * Lab 2 - Week 3, Branching and General Purpose IO in Assembly

    * Lab 3 - Week 4 - 5, Interfacing and Subroutines in Assembly

    * Lab 4 - Week 7, Interrupts and introduction to C in Code Composer Studio

    * Lab 5 - Week 8,  LCD interfacing in C

    * Lab 6 - Week 9,   Pulse Width Modulation / Logic Analyzer in C

    * Lab 7 - Week 10,  Analog to Digital Conversion in C

     * Lab 8 - Week 11,  Serial Communications in C (need team mate for this lab)

    * Project Lab - Weeks 12-15, Project Lab (trial by fire)


EE3176 Labs