Software and System Design
  1.  Glossary and Terms - This gives brief descriptions of terms frequently encountered.
  2.  Stack Model for the HCS12 - Discusses the basics of the stack for the HC12 and HCS12.
  3.  String and Array Addressing - A simple conceptual example that shows how to use a pointer to move along a string or an array.
  4.  Using D-Bug12 - Simple tutorial which introduces the DBug12 monitor and the basics of how to
  5. use it.
  6.   D-Bug12 Program Demo - Procedure to load and run a simple program using the D-Bug12  "load" command.
  7.  Switch Debouncing - Description of switch debouncing phenomenon, along with software solutions to switch debouncing.
  8.  Input, Output and Subroutines - A short tutorial illustrating the basics of inpout/output on the Dragon12, as well as the basics of how to use subroutines. The program will flash all the LEDs when first run, and will then flash particular LEDs for a fixed length of time in response to pushing a given switch. A subroutine is used to generate the timing requirements for the program.
  9.  Interrupts - Brief overview of the key concepts involved with interrupts on the HCS12.
  10.  Linux and DBug12 - The basics of how to use a Dragon12 board and DBug12 under linux.
Code Warrior
  1.  Assembly Overview - A conceptual description of the steps needed to create executable programs for the HCS12 using CodeWarrior.
  2.  Assembly IDE Example - Step-by -step procedure to produce an executable using the CodeWarrior IDE (absolute assembly).
  3.  New Project using Stationery Example - HCS12 Only - Step-by -step procedure to produce a project using Code Warrior project stationery where only the HCS12 hardware target is present.
  4.  New Project using Stationery Example - Simulator and HCS12 - Step-by -step procedure to produce a project using CodeWarrior project stationery where two targets are present (Simulator target and HCS12 hardware target).
  5.  Using the CodeWarrior Simulator - Brief guide for using the Simulator for HCS12 programs.
  6.  Code Warrior Syntax and Directives - A quick overview of the main directives and syntax used for the Code Warrior Assembler.
  7.  C Demo - A Simple CodeWarrior Project in C.
  1.  Introduction to PWM - Basic overview of pulse width modulation (PWM) on the hcs12.
  2.  PWM Using DBug12 - Simple D-Bug12 demo of how to use pwm.
  3.  Introduction to the LA2124 Logic Analyzer - Basic overview of the Linksys LA2124 Logic Analyzer         used in the labs.
  4.  PWM Using The LA2124 Logic Analyzer - Demo showing how to capture the pwm waveforms on a logic analyzer.
  5.  Timers - A short introduction to the main timers and clocks used by the hcs12.
  6.  Timer Demo - A Code Warrior programming exercise that uses timers and interrupts to flash LEDs at a certain rate.
  7.  LCD Demo - Simple Code Warrior project for writing a fixed string to the Dragon12 LCD.
  8.  Hantronix LCD Specs (Hantronix_LCD.pdf)- Specifications for the Hantronix 16x2 LCD (HDM16216L-5 with HD44780 Controller) used on the Dragon12 board (pdf, 8 pages, 143 kB).
  9.  Hantronix LCD Schematic (Hantronix_LCD_schem.pdf) - Schematic drawing of the Hantronix 16x2 LCD used on the Dragon12 board (pdf, 1 page, 25 kB).
  10.  SCI Overview - Introduction to serial communications using the SCI module.
  11.  SCI Demo - Simple CodeWarrior project for setting up serial communications on the SCI port
  12. (transmission only).
  13.  ADC Overview - Overview of the HCS12 Analog-Digital Converter.
  14.  ADC Using C - A/D Converter using the C Language.
  15.  Speaker demo (song.asm)- assembly program that plays a song.
EE3376 Concepts and Demos