Carrier Actions

What Actions?
Drift Current
Diffusion Current
Mobility & Scattering
What causes Band Bending?
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A Brief Description

Now that you have a basic understanding of how carriers behave under equilibrium conditions, we can observe the behavior of carriers when the semiconductor environment is changed. These changes can come in the form of externally applied forces, like an electric field, a change in temperature, or a change in the degree of doping. Carriers have three primary actions in a semiconductor. These are drift, diffusion, and recombination-generation. Drift and diffusion currents make up the total current density in the semiconductor, these are not necessarily always present. Processes that are always present in a semiconductor to stabilize it and return it to equilibrium conditions are recombination and generation, where electrons and holes are destroyed if there is an excess of a carrier, or generated if there is a deficit.
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